Welcome to the Rückenzentrum Am Michel in Hamburg

The Spine Centre Am Michel in Hamburg was founded in 2001 by the orthopedics Dr. Joachim Mallwitz and Dr. Gerd Müller and the former Wimbledon winner Michael Stich to provide a center of excellence in the interdisziplinary and holistic therapy of patients with backpain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

We are pursuing a new and comprehensive strategy joining specialists of various fields for the patient's benefit.


Our basic idea:

Only a doctor who is considering the entire person will succeed in the long run. And only a person who understands the nature of his or her pain can get rid of them.


Our programme:

- We take a lot of time for detailed diagnostics.

- We design a therapy in cooperation with the patient.

- We offer modern sports medicine prevention.


Our team:

The Spine Centre Am Michel is employing specialists in orthopaedics and in physical and rehabilitative medicine, psychologists, physiotherapists and sports scientists. All over, about 70 specialists and staff are making sure that you will feel better. And that it will stay that way.